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What are the things which create the business sucess? There would be so many answers for that question. It would be your product quality, your employees’ quality, your product consistency, and many more. One of those answers is a qualified packaging to export your products to go abroad so that your products will arrive without any defects.

We are the answer for your need for the best qualified carton box to pack your product to go abroad.

PT. KORIN JAYA is your solution for reliable carton box manufacturing. We provide our best service with our aim: “ZERO COMPLAINTS”. Our aim is based on qualified working attitudes of our human resources, our best quality machines, and our best raw materials from our very professional and reliable company partners.

Our company was established in Semarang, Central java, Indonesia since September 1, 2006. Until this moment, our company has developed rapidly into a successful and reliable company with many well-known and loyal customers.

Currently, the company supported by 70 highly trained professional staff and experienced in this field. To further heighten our standard, we constantly update the engine stuff and improve our service toward our customers because the customers’ satisfaction is our primary concern.

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